Our Customer Care Commitment

Customer Care Charter

This Charter outlines our commitment to customer care at The Royal Burgess Golf Society and how you can help us to ensure that everyone receives the quality of care that we all expect from our team.

Our commitment: 

As one of the finest golf clubs in Scotland, we are dedicated to providing our Members and their guests with a unique experience that is steeped in history and tradition. With an extensive history that dates back to 1735, we have cared for thousands of Members over the years and our commitment to delivering exemplary customer care remains unwavering to this day.

Our team is devoted to ensuring that both Members and guests receive truly exceptional care at all times

In providing customer care at The Royal Burgess, we value:

  • Ensuring that the needs of our Members and guests are always met
  • The individuality of everyone who visits and works at The Royal Burgess and an inclusive culture for all
  • Professional, friendly and hospitable staff
  • Treating everyone with the respect that they deserve
  • A friendly and relaxed atmosphere and familiar surroundings
  • Creating fabulous memories for all of our Members and guests
  • Unrivalled attention to detail

As a Member, Member’s Guest or Visitor, you can expect:

  • Welcoming and courteous service
  • A dedicated team, who will ensure that the facilities are impeccably maintained
  • Convenient hours of opening to ensure that all of our golfers and guests are well provided for
  • One of the best parkland courses in Scotland and beyond with a team that takes enormous pride in its maintenance
  • High standards of dining and a relaxed environment in which to meet old and new friends
  • Aesthetically pleasing and comfortable surroundings
  • A variety of activities designed to satisfy the diverse interests of our Members, their families, and their guests
  • Prompt and courteous responses to all of your enquiries, comments or complaints
  • A discreet, well trained, and friendly team who greets everyone with a smile

Help us to help you by:

  • Treating everyone in the Golf Society with courtesy and respect
  • Supporting the activities that are provided by the club
  • Respecting the values and tradition that The Royal Burgess stands for
  • Treating the facilities with due care
  • Helping our team to understand your needs clearly
  • Providing us with feedback on how we can improve our services, or how we can help to resolve a specific customer care problem
  • Support The Royal Burgess team in the implementation of the club policies